Mar 4, 2013


Who ever you are leaving the stupid comments on here, would you please go somewhere else if you don't like the men here! There  are thousands of sites you can go to! Your comments don't get posted so you are directing them only to me.This site was not made with only your particular tastes or ideals in men in mind, it was made for mine! lol You do know you can leave anytime you want so why leave comments anonymously and out of ignorance?  You come across as a coward when you write your bull and no one can respond to you! You only spew your shit then run away! Why you would go out of your way to be an idiot is beyond me! I guess we have to deal with all kinds of nut jobs on the net, eh! This man is fucking hot! no matter what you say or think about him! I am sure as fuck! would do him! over and over again! and I know I am not alone in that! Your comments are without evidence and only accusations! Even if they were true, do you honestly think that it would change what I think of these men! NO!  Fuck!! I just fed a troll:(



  1. Absolutley fuckin hot!!!!! Would love to suck his balls